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Face Care

For regular care, choose between full facial for best results or mini facial if you run out of time. You can ask for a specific care such as anti-aging, acne, eye treatments and more. The esthetician will always examine your skin in order to choose the products that will best suit you. We are using the best products in the market with proven results.

  • Full Face: 75$
  • Mini facial: 40$
  • Specific care: 60$ - 100$
  • Calming treatment: 75$
  • Glowing treatment: 80$
  • Peeling treatment with AAH: 80$
  • Anti aging treatment* : 90$
  • Purifing treatment* : 75$
  • Eye treatment* : 30$ - 50$

  • * With the use of REZENERATE™ +60$


You want to unify your skin tone, refine its texture, minimize your pores, acne scars, wrinkles and dark spots? This technology is suitable for any age and has better results than any cream. We adjust the intensity and the method to wanted results and to skin’s condition.

  • 1 session : 80$


Redefine the contour of the face and find the strength of your skin. We are using a technology that combines microcurrent, photo-stimulation, vibro-massage and lifting products for optimal results.

  • 1 session : 80$

IPL Technology

This technology utilizes intense pulsed light allowing to improve the skin without abrasion. Choose among the fallowing treatments: Vascular to reduce redness, pigmentation to erase dark spots, acne for its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial effects, photo-rejuvenation to stimulate cells and to help fibroblast and collagen regeneration.

  • cheeks: 80$ Chin: 55$ Nose: 55$ forehead: 80$ Full face : 180$
  • Neck: 130$ Cleavage: 180$
  • Back: 250$ Hands: 130$
  • Legs(vascular only) Half: 170$ Full: 350$
  • Face & neck IPL photorejuvenation: 180$