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Massage is the best remedy for today’s busy life. Relax by getting the benefits that you’ve been looking for your body and mind. Choose the one that suits your needs.

  • Therapeutic / Swedish / Reflexology (60 minutes): 65$
  • Therapeutic / Swedish / Reflexology (90 minutes): 100$
  • Deep tissue massage ( 60 minutes ): 90$

Hot Stones

This technique consists of applying hot stones on strategic points of the body to reduce tension and stress. This will get you into deep relaxation and lead to its benefits.

  • 90$/60 min
  • 125$/90 min

Thai herbal massage

Traditional massage with steam herbs has therapeutic virtues and acts on muscles pain, tensions and stimulates blood circulation. Discover how this massage with the combination of your olfactory senses will offer physical and psychological relaxation.

  • 70$/45 min
  • 40$/20 min